Been a productive week still warm for December and still topping squares and outfields feel a change is around the corner and then can go into winter mode.

squares topped this week ,took down a couple of milimetres to 20mm that’s about right in my book to keep disease under control.

spiked the squares this week also for the second time and possibly last this winter .applied some liquid fertiliser inc iron don’t want it bright green but want to keep a strong plant before we go into colder times in the hope it will hold onto the colour and strength .

last week next week before Christmas 🎄 Will look to the  outside of the boundary more with more power washing of paved areas and continue painting gravel boards around grounds.

bit of light fencing work also on the agenda with the possibility of the annual bonfire 🔥

Thoughts for December

get those cuts in before Christmas taking no more than a quarter of the leaf off in any one cut -avoid frosts obviously.

consider a granular feed if temps remain about 5c ,liquids are more effective as go straight into the leaf but aware this isn’t possible for a lot of groundsman.

possibly last chance to apply something this year to help control the worms.

if conditions allow possible get the spiker out or talk to brian fletcher of the groundsman association about loaning it .

any/all of the above a good present for your square before we go into a new year and a fast approaching season.

Merry Christmas 🎄


ps any questions feel free to leave a comment .


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