January -planning and preparation!




January has been a slower month on grass due to continued rain ,still growing so hoping to get on squares once it settles just to give it a top .

in the mean time we have been busy putting in fence posts .putting eyelets(pic above) in net bays to stop the ball escaping we have also had a annual bonfire 🔥 which kept us warm before it chucked it down.

one good thing about it being so mild we have started on power washing paved areas and screens ready for the season ,which is fast approaching.

Machinery serving is also in full swing before Machanic are full steam with breakdowns my advice is to get your machines down early and as soon as condition dry out a bit try and get on to keep the grass at a manageable hieght preventing machine stress and possible breakdowns in early spring.






if nothing else worth just going down to the ground and give the machines a run,better now than when you need them to work ,been there.

also good to time to check what supplies (fertilser)you have in the shed for the coming season and get some prices in and if you know a good rep get him to do some soil samples aiding  you to what fertilisers to purchase for the season ahead.

if not Pitchcare (   https://www.pitchcare.com/shop/soil-analysis-and-soil-testing-kits/soil-testing-basic-300g.html)  do soil samples measuring the major nutrients the grass plant needs for the coming year and January is a great time to test when levels are at there lowest.

Colder months are also a good time to consider training course for the coming month s and maybe some research prior to pre season rollling .



keys tasks

get on and top square if you can if not get the machine serviced.

check what stock you have and start the machines while your there .

consider training or research in readiness for the season.



Training details and IOG membership


https://www.iog.org/learning/courses/online-level-1-cricket-groundsmanship  The institute of groundsmanship offer some great course ,including ones offered locally.


The IOG is there nationally to raise the profile of groundsman with training ,pay rates guidance  ,research ,trade shows all on offer and reduced prices for IOG members well worth taking a look into membership to access multiple tools along with the Sussex association of groundsman there’s much support out there for groundman to access.



good page to get you in the mood.




Any questions please ask here to help and raise the profile of all Sussex groundsman as a pitch advisor with brian fletcher and andy Mackay we are here to provide support.







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