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Southern England 

Groundsman required to help with the general running of the cricket square during the cricket season. (Denton CC)

Skilled Groundsmen  –looking for work in sports turf industry in Sussex ,both have great cricket experience and one independent school and amenity areas z

Contact for more details .


Skilled Groundsman seeks f/t position and looking for opportunities for a new me for details .

North of England

Turfcare Specialists Limited – Northumberland Cricket Ground of the Year 2019″ event, to take place on Monday 9th December, 7pm start at Benwell Hill Cricket Club. 

The event will look to recognise those who have been nominated as League winners, highlighting improvements made to their facilities during the 2019 season.

To advertise email me 

looking for a Groundsmen/Greenkeeper for next season ,free to advertise here🌱



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