Ask the Groundsman(Cricket)



Tell me a bit about yourself ?

Kevin Springall

Where do you work?

My time is spent primarily working for Topcroft Cricket Club in Norfolk, we have a 12 strip square, 1 AstroTurf strip and 2 astro net bays.

I’ve been working on cricket pitches for approx 30 years. I also still advise my old club Gillingham CC on their ground in East Suffolk. I’m just a amateur who’s been doing this a while, no formal qualifications but was a landscape gardener for 8 years, my father was a landscape gardener for over 30 years and I’m a typical country lad who lives on a small ( few acre) farm. 

What are your hobbies and interest?
Family,cricket,martial arts and more cricket!

What have you learnt,any tops tips?
That groundsheets can be used to slow down the drying process,as well as keep the rain out!


Favourite piece of machinery?
The sisis combirake,saves hours of back breaking labour.

What would people say about you?
Mad as cheese (new to me) or good ol’ boy.

What do you think needs highlighting in the industry?
The expertise and the knowledge of the professional who work in it are sadly mostly overlooked, by those outside the industry.

What motivates and demotives you ?
Motivation -My family and my love for all things cricket.
De-motivates -The weather ,batsmen who dig holes in my pitch,as a wicket keeping groundsman there’s has been many a tut tut(or worse)from behind the stumps.


Dont forget this evening 8-9 pm nomadturf chat on facebook messenger,just search nomadturf chat .

Big thanks to Kevin who is definitely putting the grass,in to the grass roots 🌱

New blog from our very own bowls Greenkeeper,this Friday so keep a look out .

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