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This site has been created to encourage,inspire and connect Groundsmen/Greenkeepers who put the ‘grass into the grass roots’

The blog started back in 2017 and is now about to launch(Dec 2019) into winter sports and bowl blogs.

Brought to you by Groundsmen, for Groundsmen.


-Provide free and practical advice and support .

-Connect Groundsmen/Greenkeepers by creating a online community via the forum and notice board .

-Provide online services for selling machinery and creating a buyers guide and shop that is to be built on best value principles.

-Provide a job page to help Groundsmen/Greenkeepers into progressive opportunities.

-Provide free advertising to clubs with no full time staff to help clubs fill Groundsman/Greenkeepers positions.

-Anyone can blog as a guest blogger ,enabling everyone to be heard and have a voice.

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